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Links to the journal articles directly through the publisher's websites are provided with the reference, and you may be able to access full texts through the links above, but if not please feel free to contact me if you do not have access to the pdf and I will be happy to send you a copy

Effects of sublethal phosphine exposure on respiration rate and dispersal propensity of adult females of Tribolium castaneum

Malekpour, R., Arnold, P.A., Rafter, M.A., Daglish, G.J., Walter, G.H. (2019) 

Journal of Pest Science doi: 10.1007/s10340-019-01133-5

The origin and maintenance of metabolic allometry in animals

White, C.R., Marshall, D.J., Alton, L.A., Arnold, P.A., Beaman, J.E., Bywater, C.L., Condon, C., Crispin, T.S., Janetski, A., Pirtle, E., Winwood-Smith, H.S., Angilletta, M.J., Chenoweth, S.F., Franklin, C.E., Halsey, L.G., Kearney, M.R., Portugal, S.J., Ortiz-Barrientos, D. (2019) 

Nature Ecology and Evolution 3: 598-603

How to analyse plant phenotypic plasticity in response to a changing climate

Arnold, P.A., Kruuk, L.E.B., Nicotra, A.B. (2019)

New Phytologist 222: 1235-1241

Sparse evidence for selection on phenotypic plasticity in response to temperature

Arnold, P.A., Nicotra, A.B., Kruuk, L.E.B. (2019) 

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 374: 20180185

Drosophila melanogaster infected with Wolbachia strain wMelCS prefer cooler temperatures

Arnold, P.A., Levin, S.C., Stevanovic, A.L., Johnson, K.N. (2019) 

Ecological Entomology 44: 287-290

Investigating movement in the laboratory: dispersal apparatus designs and the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum

Arnold, P.A., Cassey, P., Rafter, M.A., Malekpour, R., Walter, G.H., White, C.R. (2017) 

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 163: 93-100.

Functional traits in red flour beetles: the dispersal phenotype is associated with leg length but not body size nor metabolic rate

Arnold, P.A., Cassey, P., White, C.R. (2017) 

Functional Ecology 31: 653-661.

Optimizing generic Cerambycid pheromone lures for Australian biosecurity and biodiversity monitoring

Hayes, R.A., Griffiths, M.W., Nahrung, H.F., Arnold, P.A., Hanks, L.M., Millar, J.G. (2016)  Journal of Economic Entomology 109: 1741-1749.

Maturity matters for movement and metabolic rate: traits dynamics across the early adult life of red flour beetles

Arnold, P.A., Cassey, P., White, C.R. (2016) 

Animal Behaviour 111: 181-188.

Physiological and metabolic consequences of viral infection in Drosophila melanogaster

Arnold, P.A., Johnson, K.N., White, C.R. (2013) 

Journal of Experimental Biology 216: 3350-3357.

Wolbachia-mediated antiviral protection in Drosophila larvae and adults following oral infection

Stevanovic, A.L., Arnold, P.A., Johnson, K.N. (2015) 

Applied and Environmental Microbiology 81: 8215-8223.

Drosophila melanogaster does not exhibit a behavioural fever response when infected with Drosophila C virus

Arnold, P.A., White, C.R., Johnson, K.N. (2015) 

Journal of General Virology 96: 3667-3671.

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