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Functional Ecology & Evolution

As you'll see below, I've worked on an eclectic range of systems and questions. I used to think that this was going to be a disadvantage as I would be a jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none. Maybe that's still partly accurate, but I'm now of the opinion that diversity of perspectives can be a great asset for research. After all, this diversity in knowledge, perspective, and skills is what we value in collaborations and is what drives new ideas!

Below are brief summaries of previous and current projects and their outputs 

The effects of UV radiation on mosquito larvae life-history and performance

Collaboration - in data analysis phase

Experimental tests of the effect of exposure to UV-B radiation on larval growth and performance traits of a Dengue vector, Aedes aegypti

Interactions between nutrition and temperature on physiology and metabolism of flies  

Collaboration - in data analysis phase

Experimental tests of the combination of multiple diets and both rearing and tests temperatures on resting metabolic rate, mass, and activity.  

Wahli jungle.png

Thermal tolerance of land plants

Current collaboration

Manuscript to be submitted 2019

A systematic review and synthesis of almost 25,000 published papers that investigate thermal tolerance of leaves and buds of land plants

Multi-trait plasticity in response to

a changing climate

Ongoing postdoc research to 2021
2 publications (2019)

Plant phenotypic plasticity project aiming to determine to what extent plasticity in many traits is adaptive and can evolve

Fire of life.jpg

Is fitness related to metabolic rate in animals? A meta-analysis

Manuscript to be submitted 2019

A systematic meta-analysis on the relationship between resting metabolic rate (the 'fire of life') and fitness or performance traits in animals

Quantifying discontinuous gas exchange cycles (DGEs) in insects

Current side project - in data analysis phase

DGEs are breathing patterns that current methods have difficulty characterising, so we aim to provide novel, repeatable quantitative methods to do so using spectral analysis 

Selecting for invasive tendencies: the evolution of traits associated with dispersal

PhD research
3 publications (2016-2017)
2 more to be submitted in 2019

A series of experiments aimed at characterising the dispersal phenotype (related to the spatial assortment of invasive species) in beetles, then apply artificial selection on dispersal to assess subsequent phenotypic evolution

Temperature preference of Drosophila 

when infected

Honours and side project 
2 publications (2015, 2018)

When flies are infected with a virus they do not change their preferred temperature, but with an symbiotic bacteria that also does better in cooler conditions, flies prefer cooler temperatures 

Physiological and metabolic consequences of viral infection in Drosophila

Honours project 
1 publication (2013)

Significant changes to physiology occur when flies are infected with a lethal virus, but these changes are rarely measured using whole-animal physiological techniques, such as metabolic rate, mass changes, and behaviour traits

Optimising chemical lures to

catch Cerambycid beetles

Internship project and collaboration
1 publication (2016)

Testing combinations of chemical lures to attract pest species of beetles that are important for biosecurity monitoring

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